15 May 2016

Dear Fellow Members:

Re: Update from the Board

I am sure many of you are beginning to plan for visits north. My family is looking forward to opening on the Victoria Day weekend – only a week away!

There are several matters which the NGBA Board would like to bring to your attention in this update as listed below.

  • The Board has decided to hold a special meeting for the full NGBA membership on Sunday, 17 July this year – please save the date. I need to explain that this may or may not be our Annual General Meeting – we are working under the assumption that it will be our AGM as explained below. Our bylaws require that our AGM is held on the first Sunday of August. However, that is Sunday the 7th of August which is the week after the long weekend in August. The Board believes 7 Aug is too late in terms of some of our agenda items. However, we need a vote of the membership to change the bylaw on the date of our AGM. A sub-committee has been struck to make some changes to the bylaws resulting from our incorporation late last year. So we’ll present these along with voting on a change to the AGM date on the 17th of July. Depending on the attendance, the vote on bylaws and general outcome of the meeting, we will decide on whether or not we have a second meeting on the 30th of July (or 7th of August).
  • The Special Meeting/AGM will be held at the Sportsman’s Inn in Killarney from 1 to 4 pm on 17 July. There will be many important things to discuss, with the Wiikwemkoong Boundary Claim at the top of the list. We will be presenting the results of our ongoing discussions with the Wiikwemkoong, GBA and the Province for your feedback. Closer to the date of the meeting we will send a summary for your review and consideration along with an agenda for the meeting (and more details on location). We believe it is critical to the future success of these discussions to have your input and ensure that we have support from the majority of members for the approach towards the Claim. You will recall that in an email dated October 11th 2015 we requested input on your concerns and possible solutions in the event that the Claim is successful. The list we compiled has been the basis for our discussions with the Wiikwemkoong. Nothing we have discussed or presented to the Wiikwemkoong to date is binding in any way. Both parties have acknowledged a need to gain membership support for any proposals on living together in the future. Finally, I would strongly encourage you to come to the meeting as a family, husbands and wives, partners, young adults and older children to the extent possible. Our discussions may very well have implications for future generations of NGBA members.
  • The GBA recently celebrated their 100th anniversary, keynote speeches from the event can be viewed here: http://www.georgianbayassociation.com/gba-turns-100/. Also, you are encouraged to subscribe to the GBA eUpdate (digital version of the GBA newsletter) here:
    http://www.georgianbayassociation.com/subscription-form/ (part of our dues go towards the activities that are presented in this monthly publication). The GBA is also looking for support for their social media program, if any of you, your children or grandchildren might be interested in helping out, please let us know and we will put you in contact. GBA is making a strong push to engage younger members.
  • We recently learned that the Municipality of Killarney has decided to discontinue the provision of the garbage transfer stations in town (the main one being near the pedestrian entrance to Killarney Mountain Lodge near Pitfields). We strongly urge you to contact the Municipality (Candy Beauvais, Town Clerk-Treasurer) to let them know your thoughts on this change:
  • By now you should have received your 2016 Property Assessment Notice from MPAC, no doubt with some shock as valuations for many have increased by 50% to 100%. Everyone is entitled to file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR). You must file an RfR within 120 days of the Issue Date of your notice. We have attached two newsletters on the topic from GBA, one from 2009 and another soon to be published in eUpdate. One of our board members, George Goudreau, has offered to answer questions, he can be reached at: ggoudreau@goudreaugroup.com.
  • It is with great and heartfelt regret that I have to announce the resignation of Michael Porter from the NGBA Board. Michael has gone well beyond the call of duty in taking the lead in coordinating our successful letter writing campaign to the Province and others. In this respect, Mike’s lead on this effort has ultimately resulted in us being in a position to work towards the possibility of an equitable settlement with the Wiikwemkoong providing a future for NGBA members that maintains our way of cottage life to the fullest extent possible. Mike has graciously agreed to carry on his duties as secretary for the Association until the AGM, at which time we will be looking to fill his position on the Board.
  • You may shortly receive letters from MAA acknowledging letters that you wrote to them. My understanding is that these will only be acknowledgements of receipt and not an explanation of how they plan to respond – that will follow later.
  • If you have not already paid your dues, please do so as soon as you can. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reply to the email with this letter.
  • Finally, I would like to thank and acknowledge my fellow board members. Since our AGM last August we have had at least 10 board meetings on top of several meetings with the Wiikwemkoong and Province. We are all volunteers and I can say that there has been a very professional dedication to representing the best interest of all our members. We appreciate your patience in waiting to hear the outcome of these efforts to date at our upcoming AGM, and hope that we continue to have your trust.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Northern Georgian Bay Association

    Rob Nairn

    Your Board members:
    Will Faville
    George Goudreau
    Bill Klassen
    Freda Klassen
    Rob Nairn
    Mike Porter (ex-Board, Secretary)
    Bill Riat