September 28, 2015

Dear NGBA Members

The board has continued to fight in opposition to the land claim. We enjoyed meeting many of you at the various open houses and are encouraged by your enthusiasm and support. Your attendance was a very important component in expressing the concerns of the NGBA. Thank you.

Response from Legal Counsel (based on a preliminary meeting Board members had with our legal counsel late last week)

Bad News


Good News



Faskens have been asked to review potential legal remedies with respect to George Island as well including questions of ownership related to the entire island and to some unoccupied lots on the island. Faskens work continues and we will provide another update once they have finalized the first phase of their review. We believe there will be future need for assistance from Faskens (ie: if we be become involved in negotiating terms and conditions to any settlement agreement between MAA and the Wiky; further engagement on the Class EA; discussions regarding Fitzwilliam Island).


Letters clearly stating impacts to you, your property and the village of Killarney are critical to our cause.


The Environmental Assessment Process is being viewed by the MAA/MNR as a Category B, (possibly C) which implies a very low impact. We feel it should be at least at a Category D due to the overall size of land, water and shoreline that it encompasses. This assessment does not only look at environmental impacts but also social and human impacts.



Settlement Terms and Negotiations (if MAA proceeds with their proposed plan)

It is important that continue to work with MAA (at the same time as challenging the process through the Class EA) such that they are aware of our impacts and possible solutions to those impacts – in the event that our various lines of challenges fail to change the course of MAA. The same is true for the Wiky, we need to develop and nurture a good relationship with the Wiky as it would help to have their agreement with solutions to our concerns, should the settlement move forward. As such we are taking the following steps:


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.