October 10, 2015

Dear NGBA Members:           

As the land claim moves forward and the public comment deadline draws closer (Oct. 16th) the NGBA Board has been meeting with MAA and have spoken with Chief Peltier. You are most likely aware of the internet petition in opposition of the Philip Edward Island part of the claim aimed at Premier Kathleen Wynne, as well as a Facebook page to inform the public of this claim, both posted by concerned individuals outside of the NGBA board. These along with your objections and impacts put forward to the MAA, have caused much concern among the Wiikwemkoong leaders.

The chief negotiator for the Province, Richard Aniol, is making slow progress with the Wiikwemkoong regarding our concerns. Recently he has suggested the most fruitful way to initiate the process of having our concerns addressed is to meet personally with Chief Duke Peltier. We have contacted the Chief and he has agreed to meet with us in the next couple weeks.

Realizing we may not end up with everything we would like the board is suggesting we start off BIG, but reasonable.

The purpose of this letter is to gather input from our membership. We value your thoughts and ideas. If this claim goes through we need to get this right. Tell us what is important to you in your unique setting.

What are your priorities? What are we missing?


We need you to think of your personal setting and situation and tell us; if you could draw a radius around your location, “building-free zone”, how big would that be … 300 meters, 500?? Let us know.

We need you to add to the concerns and solutions below.

We need your response by Friday October 16th.

The information gathered will be for NGBA eyes only. We will use this as our “working papers” when negotiating the so called “settlement terms” to lessen the impact of this claim.


Access Card

Winter Access

Water Access



Protection of Privacy and Solitude

Our association consists of two types of property owners; i) those on George Island who enjoy the village of Killarney and their proximity to people and services and ii) those who are in the remote, wilderness areas of Philip Edward Island and its’ archipelago and Landsdowne Channel. Let us know where you are and add to the ideas below!

George Island

Remote Wilderness Concerns

Suggested Islands Excluded from Buildings and/or Paid Camp Sites We welcome your additions!

Water Quality

It is obvious from the letters and comments nobody wants development. The constant theme against such development is around the uniquely pristine water and wilderness experience. This is a top priority to everyone. The NGBA wants to encourage highest and best-use practices when it comes to the protection of the water.

As a fee simple transfer, the Wiikwemkoong will be required to follow the provincial and municipal standards for buildings and septic. The municipal dump will be available to them as rate payers. However, when it becomes a Reservation the standards fall under Wiikwemkoong jurisdiction. We would like to have an agreement that the provincial and municipal standards continue at that time and it is our hope that we have success in this matter during our discussions with Chief Duke Peltier.



Provincial and Municipal Standards Followed for New Construction

In addition, to show our commitment to the water quality and to not be seen as hypocritical, we will require that all properties both native and non-native in Sugar John Bay, Beaverstone Bay, Mill Lake, Collins Inlet and around the south side of Philip Edward Island be inspected by the Sudbury Health Department to educate all owners, if needed, on how to improve their sewage and gray water treatment bringing it up to the standards required by the province. Once completed, in co-operation with Wiikwemkoong, an inspection schedule will be implemented.

Acquisition of Privately Owned Lands and Commercial Privately Owned Lands

If within 3 years of the Completion Date, a Landowner in writing requests Wiikwemkoong to purchase the privately owned property, the Wiikwemkoong shall offer to purchase it at an appraised fair market value. The appraiser will be instructed, provided the landowner agrees, that the effects, if any, of the public announcements of the Claim (date) and the agreement in principle of settlement of the Claim (date) of this Settlement Agreement will be disregarded in determining the purchase price, (see section 2.5.3and 2.5.4 of the Point Grondine Reservation #3 expansion agreement dated February 13, 1995).

MNR&F Regulations

For the safety of the private property owners and outdoor enthusiasts as well as the protection of sustainable numbers for both wildlife and fish stocks NGBA requires the following:

Heritage Sites

The NGBA encourages Ontario and Wiikwemkoong to follow through on Article 4; The Killarney Provincial Park and the Indian Pictographs found it the Settlement Agreement regarding the expansion of Point Grondine Reserve #3, dated February 13, 1995. Further to that we encourage both parties in co-operation with the Federal Government to create a National Heritage Canoe Route from French River through to Baie Fine.

Send via email to northerngeorgianbayassociation@gmail.com by October 16th the following:

We will keep you posted on the progress with both the Wiky and MAA and will continue to seek your input.

Thank you