NGBA Mission

Our Mission

1. To advance, promote and protect the common interest, proprietary and otherwise, and the welfare of summer and other residents and owners of lands within the area of interest.

2. To advance, promote, maintain and sponsor the preservation, restoration and protection of natural and historic scenic beauty, pristine environment, fish, wildlife, and water quality in the designated preserves.

3. To advance, promote, maintain and sponsor the conditions of health, sanitation, safely and general welfare in the area.

4. To encourage the orderly development of the area and its natural resources without sacrificing its natural environmental values and historic significance.

5. To assist governmental, charitable, educational and civic organizations, visitors, and other appropriate organizations and persons in providing needed services and benefits for not only the members of the Association, but also other residents and visitors of the area and the community at large.

6. To assist in maintaining and improving any existing facilities in the area for the public use and for members of the Association.

7. To undertake, either independently or in cooperation with other organizations or agencies, any programs or activities consistent with the foregoing objects.