Harvey and Lorna Mierke Named Honorary Life Members

At the 2022 Annual Members’ Meeting held on Sunday, July 31, Lorna and Harvey Mierke, Jr., two of our most long-standing and impactful association members, were named as our first Honorary Life Members. Along with the honor, they received a print made by member and Beaverstone Bay neighbor, Andrea Nairn. At the meeting, Freda Klassen, GBA representative and former Board member, presented the award to the Mierkes: “The names Harvey and Lorna go hand in hand like Simon and Schuster, Fish and Chips, Wine and Cheese … you don’t get the best of one without the other.” Freda’s heartfelt remarks reflected Harvey and Lorna’s decades-long commitment to the bay, fellow residents (permanent and seasonal) and the association: “Lorna and Harvey, you continue to set the perfect example, for all of us, of dedication to the environment and your community. We thank you!” The resounding standing ovation reflected their wonderful legacy and the many friendships they have across our northern Georgian Bay community.